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  We are the descendants of Jacob Ziegler Sr. His children
arrived in the U.S. in 1852 from Germany where they settled
in Lancaster County, PA. Catherine, Jacob Jr. and Michael
Sr. later moved to Buffalo County WI between 1959 and 1879.
This site was created so that the extended family has a
where they can stay “in touch” and post items concerning
their own families.
  Today, the Ziegler descendants have settled in WI,
FL, and CA. Most people on this site are a descendant of
Michael and Margaret Ziegler Sr.   See picture. Extended
families are included and welcome.
  Some of the other family surnames are Arnold, Bockenhaur,
Bork, Bredke, Doelle, Flaig, Guither, Haeuser, Hare,
Keller, Koenig, Kreber, Kube, Lomnes, Lubkie, Mathis,
Niedfeldt, Platterer, Powell, Rohleder, Rusch, Weir,
Wolfe, Zastrow, and many, many more!
  So far we have had ten family reunions and are now
on the 2014 reunion in Wisconsin, please join us.

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